Made in China

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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“Made in China” Lonny

“Made in China” is one of the most common labels one encounters in a shopping mall in the United States and Europe. If you take your bag out and look up the labels of all your stuff, you will find in fact that at least one-half of your belongings are made in China or assembled in China. Nowadays, some people experience the conveniences that Chinese merchandise brings and complain about the poor quality of the product, when they are enjoying the lowest prices in the world. Many times when people hold high quality products, they subconsciously think the high quality products must come from Germany, Japan and America, yet even these products are actually made in China. People take ‘poor quality made in China’ for granted when they discriminate. Sometimes people are wondering why the prices of Chinese products are even less than the prices in Goodwill and thrift shops even anywhere in the world, and why Chinese products always imply poor quality.

Productivity is a measure of efficiency. For productivity, spending less time means more efficiency. In other words, more productivity generally indicates a lower price. Hardwork makes Chinese manufacturing more productive. Unlike people living in highly developed and free Western society, Chinese people are born and bred in the society with high pressure, stress and competition established by an incredibly repressive Chinese government. It is difficult for westerners to imagine that the majority of average people working in Chinese factories have no weekend or holiday in their whole career life. When western workers are talking about three-hour lunches, Chinese workers have already gone back to work. Compared to what I saw in the West, Chinese people who work long hours at back-breaking tasks with no complaints and yearn for a situation in which they would not have to work so hard. They are afraid of the...
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