Made in China

Topics: United States, Sri Lanka, Third World Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Globalization has taken over. Anyone can simply walk around their home and they will not fail to find something – anything made in another country. Whether it's China or Sri Lanka or Indonesia or Bangladesh. Many of the items we wear and own are made all over the world. The majority of these countries are third world countries. Countries where sweatshop laborers mangle their hands,endure awful conditions, and make goods they are not allowed to consume themselves. Yet we consume them daily. This very moment I can look down at myself and analyze my outfit and know nothing that I have is american made. When I think of the people who made these clothes that live in third world countries far away it does make me sad that they have to endure such horrid conditions, but honestly knowing these things does not change much for me. I know I should feel remorseful, but when I am in the mall exploring its many stores and I compare U.S made boots versus Chinese made boots what is a girl to do? One Christmas I was out my family and I was looking at riding boots, they were the only item on my list I had to have, and I find the perfect pair for one hundred and forty dollars which would have thrown off my budget for buying gifts for everyone else. So I looked around for awhile and found this almost identical pair for half the price. The more expensive ones were made in the United States and the ones that were cheaper were inevitably made in China. That did not bother me then though, all I was concerned about was whether or not I could afford them on my budget. So now I ask myself : Does it really matter where my clothes coome from? No, I guess not. I do feel bad, but not bad enough to spend a seventy more dollars. Maybe if I thought about where my clothes come from I would slightly more hesitant to support the companies that send labor oversees for lower production cost. But really what would that leave me with? Unless everyone in the United States and around the world made the...
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