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Gloria Estefan’s Life
Gloria Fajardo was born September 1, 1957 in Havana, Cuba. Her father Jos o Manuel Fajardo was a solider and body guard for the Cuban President Fulgencio Batisa. When she was a baby, her family left Cuba during the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Jos Manuel took Gloria and his family to live in Miami, Florida. As a teenager her father became sick and he could not work. Gloria cared for her father and her sister while her mother worked. Gloria liked to write poetry and play the classic guitar. She did not have time to play with friends. She sang for fun. In 1975 she met Emilio Estefan the keyboard player for the band “Miami Latin Boys”. A few weeks after Emilio heard Gloria sing, he wanted Gloria to join as the lead singer for his band. However Gloria could only play in the band on weekends because she was a student at the University of Miami. While in the band Emilio and Gloria had feelings for each other. Later she and Emilio got married on September 2, 1978. Gloria graduated from the University of Miami in 1979. Emilio and Gloria had a son, Nayib born September 2, 1980. About two years after Gloria joined the band; they renamed the band “Miami Sound Machine” and also recorded their first album. In 1985 there were not many Latin albums and the “Miami Sound Machine” changed that. The band traveled on a tour of Central and South America where they sang rock and roll songs in Spanish. When the band wrote a song in English just for the United States with a Cuban beat it became a great success. Soon the band became well known and had many top ten selling songs. In 1988 the band’s name changed to “Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine”. She became more and more popular as time went on. While touring for her latest album on March 20, 1990 her band’s bus was hit by a tractor-trailer. It was a snowy day near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania where Emilio suffered head and hand injuries and Gloria had broken her back....

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