Madame Bovary Comparison

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  • Published : March 15, 2011
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In Flaubert's Madame Bovary, there are many symbols and details about windows and the wedding. Throughout the novel Emma Bovary, Charles' wife, is trapped inside a life that she does not long to have. Emma had fantasies of how she wanted her life to be so she rushes into marriage hoping to fulfill that desire but she becomes trapped in marriage as her dreams are not coming out to what she hoped for. Life is not just about being married to satisfy those wishes, you also have to be able to find those desires within the man you are marrying which Emma did not do. Charles was not the man she could have to fulfill her romantic desires. The windows are a symbol to demonstrate Emma's entrapment. She is always staring out of the windows, looking at people as they stare back, or looking into the town. As she stares into the town she thinks about the freedom she wants and longs for. When she moves into the parlor after the cold weather starts, she tied a small white piece of paper to the blind to let Rodolphe know that she needed to see him but Rodolphe ended their relationship. The blind that she used to communicate with Rodolphe is a source that blocks the light from Emma. The blind that blocks the light could be related to Emma being torn or blocked from Rodolphe. After Emma receives this letter from Rodolphe breaking off their affair, she attempts to jump out of the attic window until Charles calls for her. This shows Emma's desire to escape from her marriage or even life because she cannot stand the dull life she is living. She tried to use the window to escape from her dissatisfaction with the world. Although the windows represent a lot of how Emma is being trapped and how she tries to escape, the windows also contributed to Emma's recovery later on in the novel. Emma would sit by the window with the light shining in and think about her lovers. They would push her chair over by the window as to her satisfaction. She would imagine things such as people...
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