Madam & Eve

Topics: Black people, White people, Boy Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: November 3, 2011
The story takes place in South Africa. The main characters are Madam Eve and her daughter, Thandi. During the apatheid Eve was Madam's slave, since the end they remained good friends. 1. It is the first school day for Thandi a black young girl. Her mother and madam and Madam accompanies her to the entrance of school and say her to enjoy herself.

2. Thandi meets two school young-boy-white.

3. One asks Thandi for what she is here. And the other one adds that this school was a great school until people as Thandi arrives.

4. By far Madam and Eve look at the scene and think Thandi is again a victim of rascisme.

5. Madam querels them, by explaining them that now it is the new South Africa. Where blacks and whites live together and have the same rights.

6. The boys are surprised of reactions of the ladies. Because the problem is not the skin colour of thandi, but the fact whether she is a girl. Cause this school used to an all-boys school.

7. A third black little boy makes his appearance. To show and press on the fact that the blacks are not a problem in this school but the girls yes! Furthermore for them the girls are Yucky !!

8. Madam et Eve Smile

9. But Thandi does not want that they get away like that.

Conclusion : To conclude, we can say that this comic strip raises the new problem of this society, the sexism.
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