Mad Shadows Essay

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Mad Shadows: Good vs. Evil
All conflict in literature is, in its simplest form, a struggle between good and evil. The clash between good and evil has been forever present in literary conflict. The sharp contrast and fierce battle between good and evil is particularly evident in the novella Mad Shadows. In the novella, the battle and contrast between good and evil is depicted through the two siblings, Isabelle-Marie and Patrice. These two characters contrast one another in almost every aspect of themselves. It is from these two polar opposite characters that it is ascertained that these two individuals are meant to depict the ultimate contrast of good versus evil, with Isabelle-Marie symbolizing evil and Patrice symbolizing good. The purpose of this paper is to express through the character`s appearance, actions, and frame of mind, how in fact they clearly portray the roles of good and evil. In the novella, Mad Shadows, appearance is one of the key factors that clearly distinguish Isabelle-Marie and Patrice from one another and demonstrate how they portray the roles of good and evil. In the story, Patrice’s overwhelming beauty is continually stated and accentuated, while in contrast Isabelle-Marie`s overwhelming ugliness is constantly emphasized, “ her sharp features added to the utter cruelty and anger on her face” (Ch.4 pg.34). The author emphasizes the contrast in appearance of the two characters, which causes the reader to feel emotions of admiration and respect towards Patrice, while feeling disgust towards Isabelle-Marie. These feelings of admiration towards Patrice and disgust towards Isabelle-Marie are what help classify the characters as either good or evil. This is because the titles good and evil are not necessarily given out according to ones moral values, it has to do with how one is viewed by others and society. In the novella, the society in which the two characters lived in was one in which beauty was put on a pedestal and ugliness was...
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