Macy's Inc.: Corporate Culture

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Macy's Inc
Sheila D Griffith
March 25,2013
Katalin Oglle
University of Phoenix, Axia College

Macy's Inc

Macy’s corporate vision is a premier national omnichannel retailer with iconic brands that each operate outstanding stores and dynamic online sites. Macy’s is known worldwide and has its own unique identity and customer focus. Macy’s Inc. clearly recognizes that the customer is paramount and that all action and strategies must be directed toward providing a localized merchandize offering and shopping experience to targeted customers through dynamic department stores and online sites. Aggressive implementation of the company’s customer-centri strategies by a talented, experienced organization will provide Macy’s Inc. department stores with an important competitive edge. Macy’s Inc. is committed to open and honest communications with employees, shareholders, vendors, customers, financial analysts and the news media. The company seeks to be proactive in sharing information and in keeping these key stakeholder groups up-to-date on important and material developments. At Macy’s Inc. our greatest strength lies in the skill, judgment and talent of our people. Every day a production of enormous magnitude takes place on our selling floors and behind the scenes, where our people bring the company’s strategic goals to life. Our priority of attracting, retaining and growing the most talented people in the retail industry has been and will continue to be our greatest advantage. Diversity is at the core of Macy’s Inc.’s approach to doing business. It touches all areas of their company. They expect their associates, their advertising and in-store presentations, and the companies with which they do business to mirror the iverse multicultural marketplace they serve. Their Associates- they believe that different perspectives are important to their company, and they benefit greatly from the individual strengths of each associate. To serve their diverse...
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