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Conveying your attitude towards a character through words alone is a very difficult task to fulfill. In this essay, however, the speaker has done an excellent job getting across the point that although Captain MacWhirr’s character may seem to be nothing but an ordinary, uninteresting man, in reality, there is much more to his character than meets the eye.

In lines 17-19 the speaker says “Yet the uninteresting lives of men so entirely given o the actuality of the bare existence have their mysterious side.” In this case, Captain MacWhirr’s “mysterious side” is his natural ability as a seaman. At home, Captain MacWhirr was seen only as a “perfectly satisfactory son of the petty grocer,” nobody could have foreseen that this ordinary man was capable of such extraordinary accomplishments. Captain MacWhirr ran to sea at the age of 15 and while he explored the world, he worked his way up to gain control of his own ship. It’s ironic how such an ordinary man came to lead such an extraordinary life.

Another attitude expressed by the speaker is a high since of admiration. In lines 10-13, the speaker says “It is your imaginative superior who is touchy, overbearing and difficult to please, but every ship Captain MacWhirr commanded was the floating abode of harmony and peace.” This shows that the speaker finds it admirable that Captain MacWhirr, the son of a grocer who had run away to sea at the age of 15, was able to control his ships with such ease. The speaker admires Captain MacWhirr’s ability to turn his ordinary, boring life into one of great adventure and success.

The speaker also uses Captain MacWhirr’s character to get across these attitudes. In the first paragraph the speaker discusses how ordinary his mind and body both were, conveying a more negative attitude towards Captain MacWhirr. In the second paragraph, however, the speaker shows how calm Captain MacWhirr is by commenting on how peaceful he was able to keep his ships, changing his attitude towards...
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