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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Samarut Antoine

MacVille Espresso coffee machine conference

Table of Contents

1. Scope SpecificationsPage 1
2.1 Conference purpose
2.2 Conference contact person’s details
2.3 Date and duration of the conference
2.4 Description of the target market
2.5 Conference location
2.6.1 Floor plan of total venue
2.6.2 Room set-up for main conference session
2.6.3 Room set-ups for break out conference sessions 2.6 Conference checklist of all the required conference facilities 2.7 Conference checklist of all the equipment required 2. Conference KitPage 5

3. Registration ProceduresPage 6
4.8 Attendee registration Procedure Check List
4.9 Attendee registration invitation
4.10 Attendee registration form
4.11 Attendee name tag example
4.12 Attendees information spreadsheet
4. Promotional StrategyPage 11
5.13 Promotional banner of the company
5.14 Media timeline
5.15 Promotional checklist
5. Speaker managementPage 13
6.16 Speaker’s invitation letter
6.17 Speaker’s confirmation letters
6.18 List of speakers
6. Conference SchedulingPage 16
7.19 Conference planning program
7.20 Conference program for the actual conference day 7. Budget SpecificationsPage 18
8.21 Cash flow spreadsheet
8.22 Statement of delegate costs
8. Contingency Plans Page 20
9. Post conference ProceduresPage 22
10.23 Attendee Evaluation
10.24 Post Conference Feedback Report
10.25 Speaker thank you letters
10.26 Final budget report
10.27 Recommendation list for improvements of the next conference


2. Scope Specifications

3.1 Conference purpose

The purposeof this conference is promoting the new MacVille’s Mezzo range of imported Italian espresso as well as our new espresso coffee machine in order to secure sales leads of the espresso coffee machines and increase the awareness ofMacVille’s association with the specialist espresso coffee market and build a relationship between us and our new potential clients.

3.2 Contact numbers

Title| Name| Email address| Phone number| Company|
Conference Planner| Antoine SAMARUT|| 0468966967| MacVille| Keynote Speaker| Julio ALONSO|| +39889965817| MacVille (Italie)| Speaker Breakout Session 1| Silvia Di MARIA|| +39987456321| MacVille (italie)| Speaker Breakout Session 2| Henrique Mc MURPHY|| 0447859572| Coffee Club Brisbane| Sales Manager| Sarah MOLLY|| 0469857412| MacVille| Staff Member 1| Oliver PHILLIPS|| 0412368986| MacVille| Staff Member 2| Yuhsi TSENG|| 0478749236| MacVille| MacVille COE| Steve HYPE|| 0471917382| MacVille| Website Manager| John DOE|| 0412255447| Argonyx| SOFITEL Manager| Stephen SHOUTAT|| 0478965412| SOFITEL|

2.3 Date and duration of the conference

A one day conference (from 8.00am to 10.30pm) will be standing the 4th of May 2013. This conference will include 2 main Sessions, two break sessions (1: Sales and Marketing / 2: Technical advices) and cocktail prior to the Gala dinner.

2.4 Description of the target market

The targets of the conference are the owners and managers of retail coffee shops. 2.5
Conference Location

The conference will take place in the SOFITEL Brisbane located: 249Turbot Street Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia.
(See map below)
The venue is located in Brisbane CBD. The target audience is owners and managers of retail coffee shops within the...
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