Macromoleules of Life

Topics: Glucose, Carbohydrate, Protein Pages: 6 (1662 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Veronica Guerrero

Macromolecules of Life

The macromolecules of life experiment involves the biology of life. The biology of life includes carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and which will not be included in this experiment nucleic acids. The introduction of this experiment will reference how to become familiar with lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. It will also include the knowledge of how these macromolecules function in living organisms. This experiment will identify the macromolecules with the use of test substances to identify each. In my first experiment to test for proteins the egg white with the Bluret reagent should come out positive for being a protein. The pepsin in the Bluret reagent should be positive and should be a protein. The test for sugar in the Bluret reagent should be negative and I don't think it is a protein. The test with the distilled water with the Bluret reagent should be negative and is not a protein. In the second experiment to test for glucose with the Benedict reagent sugar should be positive for glucose. Starch mixed with the Benedict reagent is probably positive for glucose because it is a polysaccharide. Onion juice mixed with Benedict reagent is probably positive for glucose because it is a fructose. Distilled water with Benedict reagent should be negative for glucose. The third experiment to test for starch using with and without the IKI reagent by looking under a microscope a slice of potato cells should have several shapes to it and with the IKI reagent should look have more of a stronger shapes and color to it. The onion cells should have a more stringy look to it and with the IKI more color. The fourth experiment is testing for lipids using the Sudan III on a potato, onion, oil and dH2O. I believe the oil will determine it is a lipid. The fifth experiment the chemical bonding of mixing an egg yolk, vegetable oil and vinegar should make mayonnaise as long as you continually mix a good amount of vegetable oil and mix well. Procedure used in Experiment 1: "Testing for Protein" Using 4 test tubes marked 1,2,3,4 I measured 2cm on each. I then separated the egg whites from the yolk. I mixed 30ml of dH2O with the egg white and whisked it with a fork. Added 10ml of dH2O to the Pepsin 0.1g mixed and shook well and placed it in the refrigerator. Test tube #1-placed the egg mix,#2 placed pepsin #3 placed pinch of sugar and dH2O, #4 with dH2O. Added 16 drops of the Bluret reagent to #1 until the color turned purple. Proceeded to place the same amount of drops in the remaining test tubes and recorded my observations in the table provided. Cleaned the test tubes and followed the next experiment. Procedure used in Experiment 2: "Testing for Sugars" Prepared a hot water bath using a small saucepan about 2 inches deep and submerged the test tube rack into the pan. Brought the water to a boil and proceeded to turn down the heat to its lowest setting. Marked the all 4 test tubes with 2cm at the top and 5cm at the bottom. Prepared 19ml of dH2O into the graduated cylinder adding 20% glucose solution and poured into a clean container covered and placed in the refrigerator. Prepared the grinded onion juice and placed 0.5cm in the bottom of test tube #3. Placed 0.5cm of the 1% starch solution into test tube #2, placed dH2O to the 0.5cm into test tube #4 and placed 0.5cm of the glucose solution into test tube #1. Added Benedicts reagent to the 2cm mark of all the tubes. Placed all tubes into the hot water bath for 5 minutes. Turned the heat off and use the test tube holder and carefully examined the contents of each test tube. Recorded observations in the table provided. Procedure used in Experiment 3: "Testing for Starch" Using a 1cm^2 slice of potato placed under the microscope slide and added a drop of dH2O and covered it with a microscope slide cover slip. Observed the potato cells under a microscope and recorded in the table provided. Observed same potato cells with the...
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