Macroevolution and Microevolution

Topics: Evolution, Modern evolutionary synthesis, Biology Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Microevolution is basically as evolution within a species. This happens with minute changes that do not create new species. Almost like a better improved species. Unlike microevolution, macroevolution creates hole new species all together. Experiments can only really test microevolution because of the time limit. If macroevolution is almost impossible observed because of the time it takes. New genes are not required for macroevolution as long as such evolution is limited to closely related species, an example would be lions and tigers. In this instance, the processes behind microevolution and macroevolution are the same and extending microevolution to explain macroevolution makes perfect sense.

In microevolutionary a good example is House sparrows. They were brought to North America in 1852. Since they have been introduced, the sparrows have evolved unique characteristics in different locations. Sparrow populations in the north are actually larger than sparrows in the south. This divergence in populations is might be the reason of natural selection. In theory the larger birds can often survive lower temperatures than smaller-bodied birds can.

After all of the research I have done on macroevolution and microevolution I have came to the conclusion they are very important for life to exist. Life on earth must keep improving and evolving because there is something that can always be improved. People can always be faster, stronger, and smarter. I believe it is important for life to continue evolving until all life on this planet is perfect, which is next to impossible. If evolution can improve if we could develop a way after thousands and thousands of years to breath without oxygen. We would be able to go into space and underwater with no problem.
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