Macroeconomics Syllabus

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Macroeconomics Syllabus

By | October 2012
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Department of Economics Course Outline

Term: Course: Time: Instructor: Office: Office Hours: Economics 759 [Macroeconomic Theory] TR 11:00 – 12:15 A. Serletis SS 408 TR 08:30 – 09:30 Telephone: E-mail: Section: Place:

Winter 2012 01 SS 423 (subject to change)


Textbook(s): None Book(s) on Reserve:               Ljungqvist, L. and T.J. Sargent. Resursive Macroeconomic Theory. MIT Press (2004). Romer, D. Advanced Macroeconomics, 4th edition. McGraw-Hill (2011). Blanchard, O.J. and S. Fischer. Lectures in Macroeconomics. MIT Press (1989). Taylor, J.B. & M. Woodford (eds) Handbook of Macroeconomics, Vols. 1A, 1B and 1C, Elsevier (1999). Mehra, R. Handbook of the Equity Risk Premium. Elsevier (2007). Friedman, B.M. and F.H. Hahn (Eds.). Handbook of Monetary Economics, Vols. 1 & 2. North-Holland (1990). Friedman, B.M. and M. Woodford (Eds.). Handbook of Monetary Economics, Vols. 3A & 3B. North-Holland (2011). Anderson, T.G., R.A. Davis, J.P. Kreiss, and T. Mikosch (Eds.). Handbook of Financial Time Series. Springer (2009). Barnett, W.A. and A. Serletis (Eds.). The Theory of Monetary Aggregation. Elsevier (2000). Barro, R.J. (Ed.). Modern Business Cycle Theory. Harvard University Press (1989). Barro, R.J. and A. Serletis. Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach. Nelson (2010). McCandless, G. The ABCs of RBCs: An Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic Models. Harvard University Press (2008). Mishkin, F. and A. Serletis. The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets, 4th Canadian edition. Pearson Canada (2011). Serletis, A. The Demand for Money: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches, 2nd edition. Springer (2007).

Econ 759(01) Winter 2012 Course Outline continued

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Tsay, R.S. Analysis of Financial Time Series, 3rd edition. Wiley (2010)

Course Outline: This course surveys the ideas, controversies, and techniques that constitute modern macroeconomics. The principal issues it covers lie at the...

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