Macro Political Analysis Asda

Topics: Disability, Luxury good, Point of sale Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: May 19, 2009

In 1965, a group of local farmers from Yorkshire created ASDA. The company defines itself as “ Britain’s best value food and clothing superstore”. At its 245 stores and 19 depots across the UK, ASDA employs 109000 people and it sells mainly food but has started over the last years to sell not only groceries but jewerly, music and clothes.

By building stores at areas built before, ASDA looks after its environment reducing building time keeping disruption to a minimum, they use the latest technology on construction minimizing raw materials and energy used and designing stores so that all customers can reach them through many ways of transport.

When regarding tax, ASDA has to keep up with the government initiatives. If the government raises taxes consumers will have less available income. This affects ASDA when regarding luxury items like their clothing range and expensive foodstuffs and people will only have enough disposable income for basic food necessities.

This applies as well to the government increasing inflation: ASDA will need to increase prices of some products if inflation.
However, if inflation and tax increases this won’t hit ASDA as much as other companies which only sell luxury goods due to people’s necessity of buying the basic goods. ASDA will only be affected by government increases.

As most supermarkets, ASDA uses Electronic Point of Sale, adapting a loyalty scheme. When EPOS was first introduced ASDA decided that there was too much information being stored and they did not really required the customer’s personal information. “ We will continue using electronic point-of-sale systems to analize customer’s behaviour.” Bishop Auckland has is opening a new store which has spent 16 millions to cover up all disabled people’s needs, so they can be abide by the specific legislation.

Staff members have teamed up a disability forum based on a series of meeting with the purpose of decide how to make stores more...
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