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Macro Systems Paper
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Macro Systems

There are three types of service practices in the Social Work industry: Micro, Mezzo, and Macro. Social Work can be a very rewarding field to be involved in however, at the same time it can by very complex as well. Social workers will deal with many different issues and are around a lot of domestic and societal challenges. Some find out that they have a hard time dealing with the challenges and have to change the focus in their field. Social Work can be very empowering and rewarding when a worker helps a client find empowerment in their own life and the worker helps them get back on their feet. At the mezzo social work level the social worker usually works with families or small groups. Social workers on the micro level work with clients on an individual basis or one on one. This could be a Case Manager in a foster care facility. They will tend to the needs of the client or individual and assist them wherever they can.

Social Workers’ Desk Reference by Albert R. Roberts|
On the macro Social Work level the worker will be working with larger groups and larger organizations. A macro practice would be working to make new laws or change the current laws that slow the growth of the client population. If you decide to work in social services or are currently working in social services you will find yourself working the macro, micro and mezzo social work level. Social Work is great work. Many people choose this industry because they want to help people. They can see others pain and want to help relieve it. The social worker salary can very and unfortunately starts out lower on the typical American pay scale. The median expected salary for a social worker that has a 4-year degree in the field is around $46,500. If you continue your education and get a Masters in social work then the median becomes closer to $54,700.

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