Macro Environment of Zara

Topics: Marketing, Inditex, Zara Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Zara is a very big clothing chain from Spain. The chain was founded in 1975 by Mr. Ortega, and it now has more than 1.000 stores in approximately 63 countries – so it is a very big chain. However Zara has its biggest market in Spain, where they have 364 stores in total. They sell fashion clothes of a fairly good quality to reasonable prices – this also means that they have a broad target group, which we believe to be from kids to adults younger than 50, both men and women. Over the years Zara has expanded their product line heavily, so now they also sell accessories, cosmetics, furniture and perfumes

Zara is one of the most famous and popular high street brands in the world. It is a brand from Spain and it belongs to the Inditex group. Inditex group consist of seven different clothing chains of which Zara is considered as a fast fashion brand which aims at low inventory rule; just in time manufacturing; delivery and sales, flexible structure, low inventory rules and quick response policy.(Castellano, 1993). The first Zara store opened in 1975 in Spain. On product manufacturing basis, Zara strategizes by manufacturing majority of their clothes in Spain and Portugal unlike many other top brands, which outsource them to Asian counties such as China and India. (Castellano, 2002) One of Zara’s key marketing highlight has been in in zero advertising strategy, it instead markets its product by investing their percentage of revenues in opening new stores.. Zara is known to meet the customer demands and they are flexible in adjusting to the changing demands quickly. They are also variable when it comes to product design; as it keeps changing once in four weeks. (The Economists, 2005)

Executive Summary
            The main goal of this report is to analyze the environment how Zara wil be marketed and launched in...
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