Macro Environment Challenges Organizarion Today

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1. Supply chain management
Swatch supply chain includes direct sourcing like material supply for Swatch products, such as components, parts, packaging, contract manufacturing, software development, and research and development) and indirect sourcing example office equipment, services just name a few. Meaning that Swatchs company has in house capacity as most of the components used are manufactured in one of their company. Its production companies supply movements and components to third-party watchmakers in Switzerland and around the world. The Group is a key player in the manufacture and sale of electronic systems used in watch making and other industries 2. Maintenance

Providing training and development for employees is a promise. Swatch pays much attention to be in touch with all new technologies and maintained the high level of well trained staff Maintenance is the final OM strategy decision as Swatch encourages the use of automation system and is often the most overlooked decision. Ensuring the equipment needed to produce a good/service is functioning efficiently without devastating breakdowns is crucial to the long-term stability of a company in order to met its customers demand. 3. Scheduling

The demand for high utilization of a capital-intensive facility means effective scheduling will be important. Scheduling is an operations decision that strives to provide the right mix of labor and machines to produce goods and services at the right time to achieve both efficiency and customer service goals as Swatch anticipate the peaks and valleys in demand that may occur during a day, during the week, and at different times of the year. Therefore Scheduling and taking measures in anticipation of new ventures is in this case a critical issue 4. Inventory Management

Stability and good quality of products require continuously effort to constrain down inventories. With the joint ventures and close cooperation with their supplier, Swatch can optimize their inventory levels. Excess Inventory than what is needed to satisfy customer demand leads to unnecessary costs such as storage, deterioration, obsolescence, theft, and money tied up in inventory that cannot be used for other purposes. 5. Quality

Quality is the highest objective, not only the characteristic of Swatch’s products and services, but also one of their most important essences. It is strictly linked with it’s pursue of continuous improvement, as they perceive it as exceeding customers’ expectation. Also as Swatch is one of the leading companies high quality standards have to be maintained in every aspect of its operation. \ 6. Product and services design

Product and service design be essential to the structuring of an organization and have an effect on every aspect of the organizations strategy. The design of the output is the primary precondition for the costs, quality, appropriate funds and human resource decisions that accompany that output In all its businesses, Swatch cares about developing products that meet specific need of its customers. 7. Layout Design

The strategy should focus on developing an economic layout that will meet the firm’s competitive requirements. It should improve higher utilization of space, equipment and people, improved information flow and materials, improved customer interaction and flexibility. 8. Human resources and Job design

Swatch created best working environment and growth opportunities by using Machine operators have inherently enriched jobs, so special consideration must be given to developing empowerment and enriched jobs. Also conduct both several programs to encourage Company to submit their own ideas and contribute to the company’s growth such continuing innovations and automation. Also they being responsible for their own development and to take advantage of the various development opportunities available such as, submit your venture proposal. 9. Process and capacity...
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