Macro Enviroment

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1. Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Summary

Analysis of Mars:
2.1 Introduction

2.2 Introduction to Mars description

2.3 Mars history and development

2.4 The Macro environment 
2.4.1 Demographic forces
2.4.2 Economic Forces 
2.4.3 Natural Forces
2.4.4 Technological Forces 
2.4.5 Political Forces 
2.4.6 Cultural Forces

2.5 Organizations within the industry 
2.5.1 Market Position 
2.5.2 Target Markets 
2.5.3 The Marketing Mix (4P’s) Product Price Promotion Place 

2.6. Strength and weakness of Mars
2.6.1 Strengths
2.6.2 Weaknesses
2.6.3 Opportunities
2.6.4 Threads

2.7 Conclusion

2.8 References

Analysis of Kit Kat:
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Introduction of Kit Kat description:
3.3 Kit Kat history and brand development
3.3.1 Varieties product of Kit Kat
3.4 Macro environment:
3.4.1 Demographic Force
3.4.2 Economic Force
3.4.3 Natural Force
3.4.4 Technological Force
3.4.5 Political Force
3.4.6 Cultural Force

3.5 Organizations within the industry 
3.5.1 Market Position 
3.5.2 Target Markets 
3.5.3 The Marketing Mix (4P’s) Product Price Promotion Place 

3.6 The analysis of the business environment
3.6.1 Strength
3.6.2 Weaknesses
3.6.3 Opportunities
3.6.4 Threat
3.7 Conclusion
3.8 References

1.4 Summary

In this assignment of brand analysis and information, products that I choose are chocolate brands. Two brand that been analyze is Mars and Kit Kat in China’s Market. Basically, Mars Incorporated is a family owned company that produces some of the world’s leading confectionery; food and pet care products and has a growing beverage and health & nutrition businesses. Mars incorporated was founded in 1911. It operates in more than 65 countries and employed more than 40,000 associates worldwide. The company’s global sales are approximately $21 billion annually. SWOT analysis is taken in consideration to match the company’s strength to attractive opportunities in the environment, while estimating or overcoming the weakness and minimizing the threats

Besides that, Kit Kat products are under Nestle Company. Nestle is the largest food company in the world measured by revenue. Nestle was formed in 1905 by the merger of the Anglo-Swiss Company. Nestle set several qualitative objectives on people who consume Kit Kat, with the vision that Kit Kat would be the natural choice for all breaks. Kit Kat is one of the world’s leading chocolate brands. There were different variety of flavour and shape of Kit Kat products being develop. In macro environment, there are some factor that can have a big impact in it which includes demographic force, economic force, natural force, technological force, political force and cultural force. SWOT analysis is taken in consideration to match the company’s strength to attractive opportunities in the environment, while estimating or overcoming the weakness and minimizing the threats.



Mars which is also called Mars bar is a chocolate bar manufactured by Mars, Incorporated. It was first manufactured in Slough, Berkshirein the United Kingdom in 1932 as a sweeter version of the US Milky Way bar which Mars, Inc. Produced. It was advertised to the trade as being made with Cadbury's chocolate as 'couverture'. In the United States, a different confection bears the Mars bar name. Featuring nougat, soft caramel, and...
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