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Topics: Economics, Keynesian economics, Macroeconomics Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: January 29, 2013
ECO003 Macroeconomics Assignment 2 (Group Assignment) Instruction: (30 marks) 1. 2. Form a group consists of 4 members or 5 members. Choose a country that your group members are interested in to do macroeconomic analysis. Search through newspapers, journals, magazines or internet for FOUR articles (for group of 4 members) or FIVE articles (for group of 5 members) based on this country that are relevant to the concepts discussed in Lecture 1 to Lecture 6. Each member of the group is going to contribute to one of the topics and members cannot focus on a same topic. Quote the source of the article in your report or if the article is obtained from the web, quote the web address. The lecture topics are as follows: Lecture Topic 1: Introduction to Macroeconomics, GDP and Growth Lecture Topic 2: Workers, Wages and Unemployment Lecture Topic 3: Price Level and Inflation Lecture Topic 4: Saving, Capital Formation and Financial Markets Lecture Topic 5: Economic Fluctuations and Aggregate Expenditure Lecture Topic 6: Spending Multiplier and Fiscal Policy Analyze the macroeconomic performance of the country from these four or five articles. Each article must cross reference to concepts discussed in one particular lecture topic. There must be four or five different articles to link up to four or five different lecture topics. 3. Summarize each article first and followed by an analysis of the article in separate paragraphs. Explain your understanding of the article using the economic concept and knowledge discussed in the lecture. Establish the linkage between the article and the economic concept under the particular lecture session and topic. Draw diagrams to support your analysis if needed. You should have at least 200 words for each article inclusive of the summary and the analysis. Write a summary report on this country based on your analysis. Combine and organize all your works on the 4 or 5 topics in a single word document and submit through the blackboard by the due...
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