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  • Published: March 4, 2013
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University of Bristol
Department of Theology and Religious Studies

THRS11048: The Bible and Theology

20 Credit Points


The Bible

Dr John Lyons

Teaching Block 2 (2012–13)


Unit Description and Rationale

This unit introduces students to the historical and literary study of the Bible as religious literature. Students will become acquainted with the various methodological tools used in the academic study of the Bible and examine a variety of texts using these approaches. Through this unit, students will receive the ground work for further study in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament at levels I and H.

The unit comprises ten one-hour sessions (1 per week). Each session will follow one of two patterns, (a) and (b), and you will not know beforehand which of these patterns will be appearing each week. At the core of the unit are set readings from a textbook which are to be undertaken after the relevant class. Pattern (a) will involve that material being taken up again at the following class in a test (10 mins), the results of which will be discussed (20mins) before moving on to introducing the material for the following week (20 mins). Pattern (b), however, will involve the replacement of test and discussion with a mini-lecture on a significant topic in the Bible (30 mins), followed by the material for the following week. Each pattern will occur four times during the unit. The examination will include questions which reflect each pattern.

In class then we shall work together, including questions and exercises, to check your understanding of the written material and to introduce significant sections of the biblical material.


• To introduce the Bible as religious literature and as a source for the study of the history of Israel, the life and death of Jesus and the development of the early church.

• To examine a number of historical and theological themes and their development within these texts....
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