Macklemore Analizying

Topics: Meaning of life, First-person narrative, Thought Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Final…. Macklemore “wings”

Reader Response: When first hearing the song I thought nothing of what the real meaning was. I just listened to it and thought it was catchy. But looking at it closer I actually listened to the lyrics and I saw a message we live with every day, this message being about consumerism. 1. When he said this I noticed the meaning of how products make us feel bigger then what we are, they make us feel powerful and “cool”, so others admire us.

2. I can relate and I think all of us can relate that we have all bought something to just look cool and since everyone has one, we have to have me… example is the iphone.

3. This quote basically means that it doesn’t mean if he is straight dog crap at basketball, he has the sickest shoes and that’s all anybody really looked at.

4. This quote summarizes the entire meaning of the song, that what you wear to school and out in public is what makes you, you. And he is saying how this is an empty thought that the world has filled us with. And the last line he says that they r just a pair of shoes, nothing more, nothing less. Historical: This song is released and written right now because consumerism in the world is probably at its peak right now, between all the brand name items and stuff cluttering store windows and all over people’s bodies. 1. This verse is relevant right now in the world because it shows that even at seven years old, these brands and labels are effecting our youth at so young, these kids are taught to think that these things are the only way to live and be cool.

2. When he says, that he is lost if it pops, this is the problem we have today, these “things”, shoes! we r so reliant on them, we are taught that the world is over, that we r not cool if we don’t have them.

3. He does say it in here that you get crap if you don’t have the Nikes or the brand new stuff but he doesn’t go from the people’s point of view that can’t afford them.

Marxist: This...
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