Machine Metaphor

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Eric Hernandez

Creamy Creations

1. I believe that the Burger Barn executives are moving forward in a beneficial direction. Burger Barn executives are moving in a direction that will increase efficiency and potentially increase both productivity and profit. Although their organizational approach can be seen as a “Machine Metaphor” (Miller, 2011), in an Ice cream shop, such classical approach can be beneficial. The idea of having multiple stations to reduce the time the customer is waiting to finalize their purchase reaps good benefits. Therefore their positive optimism with regards to the future of Creamy Creations is a valid one. Although their organizational approach looks good now, there are some potential pitfalls. As Burger Barn executives look towards a more productive future, I believe they will ponder on the idea of still maximizing efficiency and productivity at low cost. Are multiple employees needed to keep things moving faster? Or is there a possibility that moving towards a “self-serve” approach can overall benefit Creamy Creations? This can be beneficial to some extent, but it can also minimize the interpersonal communication one would get with a “Creamy Creator” (Miller, 2011), which was one of the factors that kept this business as a family-student oriented business that created job opportunities for students.

2. The principles of classical management are reflected in several ways at Creamy Creations. First, the development of “workstations” indicates that there is specialization, were every station and person has a specific function. As these workstations are in place, there is standardization taking place as each person is capable of rotating in each station and hence can be substituted in any specific situation. Lastly, following the specific rules and standards set for the operation of each workstation makes this organization predictable.

All the tenets of Fayol’s Theory of Classical Management are...
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