Machiavelli, the Prince

Topics: Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici, Republic of Florence Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: March 17, 2013
History 1111
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Machiavelli, The Prince

1) Machiavelli wrote The Prince in dedication to Lorenzo di Piero di’ Medici, “El Magnifico.” Machiavelli wrote The Prince in attempt to gain influence with the Medici family. Machiavelli viewed Cease Borgia as a role model politician who would make an ideal prince. Machiavelli viewed Borgia as the model prince because he believed Florence could unite all of Italy under the command of Cease Borgia. In Machiavelli’s view, such a ruler comes to power not by inheritance or support but purely as a result of his own initiative, skill, talent and/or strength (all words translate to the term Virtue). Machiavelli proposes a theory of virtue that is consistent with moral standard other than what is called for by necessity. Machiavelli’s work might have been affected by these opinions because the Medici family was very powerful and may of seen Machiavelli as being disloyal to the Medici’s so Machiavelli was ultimately punished for his insights. 3) According to Machiavelli a prince’s rise to power can come from two ways, fortune and prowess. Machiavelli gave two examples in his work of how someone rises up to become prince. One example was the rise of a man who gained power by some criminal and nefarious method. The other example is where a private citizen becomes prince by earning approval from fellow citizens for incredible works of honor. He discusses frankly the necessity of cruel actions to keep power. Machiavelli states that the priority of the power holder is to keep the security of the state regardless of the morality of means. Machiavelli goes on to conclude that power is maintained by use of intense strongholds and brutal force is the key to keeping hold of power. 5) Machiavelli’s concept of the state includes the form of rule possessing a monopoly of coercive authority within a set territorial boundary. Machiavelli uses the term lo stato in connection with the acquisition of power, the meaning comes...
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