Machiavelli's Ideas

Topics: Political philosophy, Republic, The Prince Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), the writer of the book The Prince (1532), was both a public servant for the state of Florence, Italy and a political theorist. The book which gained a bad reputation when it was written now serves as a guide book for most politicians and heads of state (princes) around the world. The Prince (II Principe) is a book which contains practical examples and factual information on how a prince ensures that he maintains his seat as head of state and achieves great things whiles in power. As a result His Excellency, the Prince is a book worth reviewing because it contains useful ideas which can help you in your present position to rule effectively. Many misinterpreted Machiavelli’s ideas branding him as one who is in firm support of a corrupt and totalitarian government. However, a close look at his ideas portrays the need for society to employ a patriotic and an intellectual person in the company of astute advisors to lead a state or country. The main aim of a Prince as often emphasized in the book is that he should first seek what is best for the state after which he should try maintain his seat as head of state. Mr. President, in my humble opinion, the ideas of Machiavelli are worth practicing because they ensure the safety of the state and the increasing economic growth of a country. However following these ideas to the latter is harmful as it does not encourage democracy. Democratic countries as often shown, experience rapid economic growth therefore any system that restricts democracy stifles economic growth. ATTRIBUTES THAT A PRINCE SHOULD NOT DESIRE.

Machiavelli’s idea of virtue is quite different from the normal English meaning which connotes moral goodness or moral uprightness. A virtuous prince is one who can adapt to situations by easily changing from using crude evil methods to morally upright methods. This is seen when Machiavelli writes that, above all else a prince should have...
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