Macgregor's Case Analysis

Topics: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Employment Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: December 1, 2011
MacGregor and his company definitely share a unique culture in their company. MacGregor’s company culture is about making your own decisions and solving your own problems. MacGregor wants his subordinates to do their own problem solving because that is their job and not having him do their work for them. MacGregor manages his tangible and intangible assets by having his subordinates make all the decisions and prepare all the work and then he just monitors it and makes the final decision. Macgregor will have his employees’ call him once they made a decision about a problem or an idea and Macgregor will give them the go ahead if he approves their decision, if not then tell that employee to get together with another employee for help. MacGregor also uses his “Thursday man” to take his place by having other subordinates go to him with any questions for help and by directing the meetings that are held on Thursday’s if Macgregor is not there. The “Thursday man” is appointed to whomever the most subordinates go to for help on making decisions. MacGregor attracts employees because his company is known as “the most efficient refinery in the corporation”. Macgregor lets the employees do their jobs by giving them freedom to make their own decisions. Many of his employees leave his company to start their own company because of how much skills and duties they know and have experienced. Even though he is not watching over his subordinates every second of every day he still knows everything that is going on with his company by staying organized and keeping informed by having meetings once a week. These meetings consist of all his subordinates around a big table with MacGregor at the head of the table. The subordinates tell them any problems and or ideas that have and what the decisions they have made on them. Even when MacGregor knew an employee had a bad idea he let him go ahead with it because the cost wasn’t too high and he thought it would be a good lesson to that...
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