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In the 20th century, loads of company had been established and some of it reached the uttermost of growth in their company. However, a short term achievement for a company does not ensure that the company will be the same in the future. Eventually some of the splendid company that been so popular for the past such as Kodak, had fall and collapsed during the 20th century. On the other hand, I will be discussing about MacDonald’s, the top 4 grossing fast food restaurant in the midst of the world, (Sarah,2008) and the various technique for this company to be so successful.

First of all, whenever we are in rush, yet hungry, the thing we would prefer is to grab a fast meal and MacDonald’s is definitely one of the fast food restaurant that we will choose. According to the MacDonald’s Corporation website, MacDonald’s has more than 34,000 restaurants around the world in 119 countries, including Malaysia. Thus, it is as simple as ABC to find any MacDonald’s outlet nearby and have a quick and fulfilling meal especially in a buzz and hustle big city such as Kuala Lumpur where most of the time is spent on the traffic. Nevertheless, MacDonald’s do provide drive thru and delivery services not forgetting that most of the franchise of MacDonald’s is open for 24 hours every day and all these services have provide much convenience for people to get their meal settled anytime, anywhere. Besides, MacDonald’s do provide lots of choices for their foods, drinks, desserts and appetizer. Furthermore, MacDonald’s had launched a lot of promotions and great deals such as weekday breakfast deals, all day lunch and dinner time with discounted prices. In addition, MacDonald’s provide festive sets which are only limited for a certain period of time where sometimes there will be certain types of toys to be collected and for each set of the meal, only one toy will be given for the customer and this will attract people to dine in MacDonald’s in order to collect a complete set of the toys. The...
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