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MacBride Report Many Voices One World: An Analysis of the MacBride Report This report on the MacBride Report aims to give the reasons why the report did have a present-day relevance in the Internet aided-text message enabled- 4G networked World. Although considered controversial, the heated discussions on the World Wide Web, books and live arguments among communication stalwarts, the MacBride Report has emerged to be the first ever world-re port to have UNESCO support in matters of communication and the proble ms related to international relations and internal conflicts. The 1979 report has had 16 committee members from all over the world researching the plethora of considerable means of communications; possible outcomes of analysis and the most probable flak that was yet to be received with the New Orde r they conjured up to. Here is a report on the same: The background of inception: Amadau-Mahtar M‟Bow (Director-General of UNESCO) was instructed in the 19th session of the UNESCO General Confe rence in Nairobi to undertake a revie w of all the problems of communication with relation to complexities and magnitude of technological advance and international affairs. He appointed the Irish Nobel Laureate Sean MacBride as the President of International Commission for the Study of Communication Proble ms. Several big brains from countries like USA, France, USSR, India, Nigeria, Egypt, the Netherlands, Canada, and Chile etc. were appointe d in the important research work. The MacBride report and the study per se took over two years to complete a thorough research. Two months went only to draft a final report. Precisely, eight sessions in a span of 24 months are the meetings that took place of the committee of people coming from different he mispheres, regions and latitudes. In 1978, in the 20th session of the General Conference of the UNESCO, the MacBride report was unanimously adopted. English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanis h and Arabic we re the languages initially approved to have the report published in.

“Defenders of journalistic freedom we re labeled intruders on national sovereignty” is a powe rful thing to say, back in 1977 by Sean MacBride. A balanced, non-partisan, within the purview of Objectivity and clearly generic enough to engulf the situation prevalent in the whole world uniformly or otherwise was the biggest concern and challe nge, said MacBride. It is inte resting to note in 2011, the “modern culture of communication” was pretty much different in 1977. The concepts and the tradition of communication to be “friendly, collabo rative and cooperative” were widely looked forward to. To include every aspect of communication-the people, the need and the means was the first step that the team of intellectuals carried out in their respective nations. H G Wells said (edited) “History becomes more and more a race between communication and catastrophe. Full use of communication in all its varied strands is vital to assure that humanity has more than a history…that our childre n are ensured a future.” Sure enough, communication in the 21st century is almost paralleled with de mocracy, dreams and yes, catastrophe. Evidently, the MacBride project with 16 stalwarts of communication and intelligence tried to build a world order. A New Order of communication that set up various standards defined the m and punched various data in reference to problems, future value and most importantly, the sustainability of communication for the humanity in the peaceful, war-like or a day in the normal course of the late 1900s even. Indians particularly had a very relevant role to play back in 1970s when the report was being studied upon. Various meetings in different generics, cultural and geographical backgrounds were made possible. This was followe d by various pe rspectives on the communication and its absolute need in nations in the Indian sub-continent. This supported by India‟s dive rse language culture and the need felt by...
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