Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, Three Witches Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Shakespeare created the play of Macbeth giving readers the idea of greed and power. Macbeth was the character that has the attributes in the play that had the urge to obtain power and to hold onto it. However, in the process of Macbeth trying to become king and hold much power, he shows signs of different characteristics. Macbeth was never hundred percent of all the action he has committed throughout the play. Macbeth in the play gives reader a sense of uncertainty of himself and his actions.

As Macbeth fought off the invading armies, he later encounters the visit of the three witches. The three witches gave Macbeth the words that he will be made thane (a rank of Scottish nobility) of Cawdor and eventually become the King of Scotland. At that point, Macbeth surely did not believe the words from such mysterious witches. However, later Macbeth meets up with King Duncan’s men and they told him the news of Macbeth made thane of Cawdor. At that very moment that is when Macbeth felt the certainty of what the three witches has told him. This sort of shows a minor hint of what Macbeth is as a person early in the play. Macbeth seems to be easily convinced as long as there is some truth to it. Shakespeare also gives reader a sense of uncertainty as well. In the beginning as I read the play I see Macbeth as a loyal and courages soldier fighting to protect his land. However, as the three witches’ words became somewhat true in Macbeth’s eyes, I slowly see the loyal soldier shifting toward a greedy power seeker. This made me as a Shakespeare reader deciding whether if Macbeth was good or evil.

For Macbeth to gain the throne of the King he has a plan which is to murder King Duncan during his sleep. Once King Duncan is murder the path for Macbeth becoming king should be much easier. However, Macbeth is not the typical villain that Shakespeare writes. When the opportunity to murder King Duncan was available, Macbeth is hesitant to commit the murdering crime. He seemly to...
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