Macbeth: a False Portrayal of Women in Literature

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Individuals in current society are unique and have different ideals, mannerisms, and lifestyles; the ways in which people differ in their customs is something that is celebrated.  In the early 1600s this was not the case. Women were not able to be authentic or contradistinct to the accustomed stereotypes of what men thought they should be.  The play Macbeth was written in the early 1600s by William Shakespeare; it reflects the social turmoil of the times and set a precident for the struggles that women were experiencing during that era. In Macbeth, Shakespeare immortalizes the general opinion of women at that time.             William Shakespeare wrote the tragedy of Macbeth in 1607 for King James of Scotland and his elitist aggregation, and it reflected many of the ideas of the status quo. King James had extremely particular views on women, he was a firm believer in witchcraft and he was convinced that if women did not carry out conventional feminine duties they were evil and participated in the supernatural. Due to King James and his reign, women were treated inhumanely, their role was to be a sex object and a maid. Women were denied basic rights that men were granted; such as, receiving an education or being able to choose whom they marry. The burden of the average woman was to be a caretaker; her job was to tend to the house, cater to her husband, and bear children. The average woman’s demeanor was expected to be timid and extremely tame and it was not ladylike for a woman to produce her own thoughts nor her own opinions. The way in which women are depicted in the story Macbeth, is a direct reflection on social ideas of women at the time, the few women that are shown in the play are shown as devious and immoral, especially compared to the valiant male characters that are depicted throughout the play.  In the tale of Macbeth the women seem to have an adequate amount of power and prove that: if women are able to be expressive or offbeat they will turn into...
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