Macbeth Written Task

Topics: Advice column, A Great Way to Care, Make You Feel My Love Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Annie’s Advice
Quote of the week:
“Power Tends to Corrupt,
But Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”
-Baron Acton
Dear Annie,
The other day, I got Chinese take-out and the lady at the till offered me a cookie and told me that the fortunes actually come true. The cookie told me I was gonna be king! I immediately knew it was referring to homecoming king at the dance next Saturday, but the surprising thing was that it seemed like everyone was already voting for one of my friends, the captain of the football team. He IS the most popular guy in school. But I really wanna be king too! My girlfriend thinks I should embarrass my friend so that he loses some popularity votes, but if people find out it was me, it could really hurt my reputation. I don’t know what to do-please help! -Wannabe King

Dear Wannabe,
I have two things to say to you. Firstly, I don’t believe in fortune cookies...especially ones that say you’ll become king, secondly, get a new girlfriend! The cookie merely states what might happen, you shouldn’t take it too seriously and definitely don’t take matters into your own hands. If it is saying the truth then you’ll become homecoming king and if the “Chinese prophecies” are wrong, you won’t. As someone once said, "There's no use trying to rush fate, because the best things in life are worth the wait." You’ll live both ways so I don’t know why your girlfriend is guiding you to the wrong path especially when it would hurt a friend. If you possess the qualities of a king you might eventually become one! -Annie

Dear Annie,
My friend and I love playing soccer, he was really enthusiastic and always thought of the better of the team, therefore he was voted captain of our school’s soccer team. He was super thrilled, and so was first. As I watched him at practice he began to act differently. He started bossing us around and would get really frustrated when we messed up. As captain he decided he had the authority to put people down,...
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