Macbeth, What the Play Is Really About

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Macbeth, What the play is really about

Macbeth is written by Shakespear, it is believed to have been written sometime between 1603 and 1606. When Macbeth met the witches and they told him about his future as the thane of Cardwr and the king, he informed his wife by letter. Upon reading this letter his wife, believed the witches, and proceeded to summon the evil spirits. “ That I may pour my spirit in thin ear and chastise with the fallow of my tongue”.

Lady Macbeth hatches a plan which involves her husband, Macbeth killing the king so that the prophecy the witches for told would come true. On Macbeths way back home some of the kings men find Macbeth and inform him that the king has appointed him the thane of Cardwr. Upon executing his wife’s plan, Macbeth conscience gets the best of him which plunges him into a state of depression.

After the king had died his sons ran away in fear of their lives in doing so people questioned their innocence. Whilst this was happening Lady Macbeth planted the dagger in the servants quarters. Macbeth then silenced the servants before they could protest their innocence in doing so Macbeth falls into a deeper depressive state.

Macbeth after realizing what the witches told Banqou, he invited Banqou and his son Fleance to stay at his castle. Macbeth afraid that Fleance would over through him he sent out some men to kill them. They succeeded in killing Banqou however they failed to kill Banqou’s son Fleance. At a banquet Macbeth has he see’s Banqou’s ghost and starts ranting in anger and shock, the guests are deeply concerned about their new king then lady Macbeth send them out to talk to her husband. Even though Macbeth is in deep depression, lady Macbeth evil thoughts running though her mind, happy that she is now Queen can not help feel a little down.

After getting the title Macbeth got as king he went back to the witches in hope that them making new prophecies would fill the hole he feels inside and that it will...
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