Macbeth Was a Weak Husband, but a Brave and Valiant Soldier Who Fought to the Bitter End

Topics: Macbeth, The Birnam Wood, Dunsinane Hill Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: April 10, 2013
In the play “Macbeth” I agree that Macbeth is portrayed as a weak husband however a strong and valiant soldier.
We are introduced to our main character as “Brave Macbeth” a “valiant soldier” who would do anything for his cause, however after a time his weakness as a husband shows through. On the mention of Duncan’s murder Macbeth is adamant he “will proceed no further in this business” proving his wife’s opinion of him. He is “too full o the milk of human kindness” to murder for the sake of power. Macbeth is portrayed as not only as a weak husband but a character with weak resolve. It is amazing to see how quickly he changes his mind about committing regicide. It involves no more than forty lines of emotional abuse for him to alter from a resolute no to a reluctant yes. He is weak and has no will of his own. He does not stand up for what he believes is right not only for him but for the honour of his family; proving him a weak husband.

Macbeth’s behaviour immediately after Banquo’s murder is a paradoxical reflection of his fundamental weakness towards killing. Macbeth is powerless to his “filed” mind as it fails him during the banquet scene. He has no consideration for his wife’s safety during his outburst, “horrible shadows” portraying him as an unthoughtful, weak husband. Banquo’s ghost is seen by Macbeth alone, it is a hallucination caused by his uncontrollable guilt, again displaying his weaknesses, he is terrified. “Approach though like the rugged Russian bear.... take any shape but that and my firm nerves shall never trembles or be alive again” However in my opinion Macbeth shows his true weakness as a husband when he destroys all ties with his wife. He becomes so obsessed with the idea of power; something the two of them dreamt of, that he forgets her presence in his life. He summons a doctor to help her cope with her uncontrollable sleep walking but only considers a quick medical solution, he shows no interest in the fact she has a “disease of the...
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