Macbeth vs Macduff

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In the daily lives of people, individuals often attain factors that affect them in their routines. These factors may include family, work, education, and sometimes even religion, which ultimately forms a basic foundation of who they are based on the level on importance they place on each factor. To these factors, whatever they may be, people attach a certain level of importance in order to determine and distinguish which factors are top priorities in their lives. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the level of importance that Macbeth and Macduff place on factors that affect their lives greatly differentiates the role that they each take on in the play. These factors include their family, their country, and last but not least the importance they place, or fail to place, on themselves. According to the importance that Shakespeare portrays each character to have, Shakespeare succeeds at demonstrating that Macbeth is nothing but an ambitious tyrant, as he viciously intended make the line of kings come to an end. Macduff is showed off as a brave hero, a key character in the development of the tragic story. While Macduff places a great deal of importance on his country, and his family, Macbeth focuses all of his energy, on himself.

Shakespeare commences to show the first few traces of Macbeth's character as soon as Act 1 Scene 2. Macbeth is established as a brave individual who conveys to have a true love for his country and king. "I am his kinsman, and his subject" (1.7.13). He exhibits passion for his country, and a passion to serve his king in war. Macbeth is shown as a noble and caring man, worthy of an elevated title. As Shakespeare moves forward with the play, and the plot is further developed, Macbeth takes initiative towards the advancement of his own impassionate tyranny. Macbeth retrogressed from saving his country, to causing chaos in Scotland to save only himself. The best interest of the country was not something he possessed, as his ambitious...
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