Macbeth vs Holden

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Shakespeare wrote the play Macbeth using Macbeth as a protagonist in this old English play. Holden Caulfield is also the main character in “the catcher in the rye” written by J.D Salinger. This essay will elaborate on the similarities of the characters and the difference in their individual societies. What external forces are used? Are they honest, do they lie? What kind of influence are women? I will illustrate the strategies used between the characters and different qualities they obtain. Holden is a self-cautious boy, always judgmental of those around him. Females are of much confusion to him. Often he is unsure of how to properly treat them and seems to think too far into things, such as over using the word “phony” to describe something superficial and every stereotypical person. (Quote: Holden: “Grand. There's a word I really hate. It's phony. I could puke every time I hear it”.) This dismissive manner may be caused by the traumatic death of his brother Allie or the suicide of his classmate. Many obscene gestures, lies and profanity are used by Holden in his narrative style. The entire book he is obsessed with the act of losing his virginity, surrounding his thoughts entirely around women. Macbeth prohibits much of these qualities; the words of women seem to mesmerize him putting him into a trance. His desire for his wife’s love and compassion drives his ambition up the wall, craving power and desire into his own hands. The witches had guessed his greed and ambitious quality, exploring his lethal flaw Throughout both stories paranoia becomes a large theme between the two. Terrified someone will discover Macbeths act of murder and find him guilty his mind begins to wonder. He wonders about murder, he wonders how his wife can pursue him to this; he is curious how her cheeks stay rose with beauty as his fill with fear and un-reliable courage. (Quote: Macbeth: “Can such things be,  And overcome us like a summer's cloud, 

Without our special wonder? You make...
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