Macbeth Sleepwalking Scene

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  • Published : October 12, 2006
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The sleepwalking scene in ‘Macbeth' is hugely significant and important to the play as a whole. It is a contrast to the other main scenes involving Lady Macbeth and marks the end of Macbeth's reign as a tyrant and a king. In the sleepwalking scene we haven't seen Lady Macbeth for some time and she is no longer the character we once knew. We get an insight into her state of mind, her thoughts and her feelings and how she has changed so dramatically. In Act 5 scene 1 we also can see how some repetitive themes in the play are still there, Darkness, Blood and Sleep. In the sleepwalking scene Lady Macbeth is shown to lose her mind and her grip on reality. She sleepwalks because of the stress, guilt and disturbed rest, there is almost an overload of thoughts in her mind and he cannot distance herself from the murders Macbeth committed and she was involved in. It is very difficult not to feel sympathy for Lady Macbeth even though she is responsible for what is happening to her. Despite what she did, we can tell that she only urged Macbeth to murder because of her love for him. Although she encouraged the killing of the king she was not involved with the murders of Banquo or Lady Macduff. Lady Macbeth ends up going crazy because her mind has gradually been disintegrating throughout the play. In the beginning she was strong and ruthless, although she could not murder Duncan because he resembled her father sleeping. Even though we saw a glimmer of humanity when she said this she was still the one who encouraged Macbeth when he began to weaken, "Art thou afeard, to be the same in thine own act and valour, as thou art in desire?" (Act 1, Scene 7). She also helped to calm down Macbeth and reassure him when he had committed the deed, " a little water cleanses us of this deed" but in Act 5 scene 1 this reassuring comment returns to haunt her, "all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand". As the play goes on she changes from this strong and ruthless woman into...
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