Macbeth - Rap

Topics: Macbeth, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: March 2, 2013
The name’s Macbeth
Ill murder and kill till my last breath
Started with me and Banquo meeting these witches,
They said my future would soon hold kingly riches,
But Banquo’s sons would reign instead of me
What could turn my friend into my enemy?
But I found out that the Cawdor title was mine,
And suddenly thoughts of jealousy were filling my mind.
This greed was over powering me,
So feeling kingly, I checked in with my queen bee,
My lady, she was like: "Why you thinking maybe?"
Killing this king will be like stealing candy from a baby." I’m nervous, she’s telling me to be a man,
I’m like, "Man, I guess we’ll go through with the plan,"

Let it begin, slip the guards 10 shots of gin,
I wait for them to pass out, then commence to sin.
I proceed past the guards, to the king’s bedside. Creep up! I’mma make sure he don’t wake up!
I throw my conscience to the wind
As I plunged the dagger into him
We wash our bloody hands
Forgetting about the sins we didn’t understand
They say the first murder is the hardest,
And that’s right.
After that first night, I had no problem taking a life.
At the table Banquo’s ghost....
Made it hard to make a toast
Man these guilty thoughts in my head
Thinking back to that night beside the kings bed

I ask the witches for answers, and I sit and listen,
They respond by summoning four apparitions.
First says: "Fear Macduff."
Yeah, I guessed as much.
Second says: "None of woman born shall harm Macbeth."
I nodded unsteadily out of breath
Third says: I won’t ever be harmed or hassled,
Till the days the woods march right up to my castle.
Forth showed generations of royalty
Banquo’s descendants, the sight of cruelty
I send a few hit men to kill MacDuffs family
While thinking I gained immortality
Before the battle starts, cries of woman I hear
I almost forgot the taste of fear
I see my lady dead in front of me
Forgetting the hopes of my future family
MacDuff gather armies to march upon me,
Bring it on!...
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