Macbeth Journal

Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, Malcolm III of Scotland Pages: 7 (2711 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Lindsey Aranda
English, period 2
June 6, 2011

Journal of Macbeth

Act 1
I was very confused at the beginning of the play. I thought it was weird with the witches, and I was still getting used to the old English language. I thought it started to get interesting when the witches had told Macbeth that he would become the Thane of Cawdor and then he actually did! I think this is what starts Macbeth’s ambition towards the series of events that will happen in the play. I think that the first three scenes in Act 1 set the dark mood for the entire play with the storm and witches ext. Once Lady Macbeth heard of what the witches had predicted I think was when Duncan’s life was officially over. Lady Macbeth kind of took over the play at this point. She is very persuasive, like convincing Macbeth that they were going to kill Duncan. She makes him feel as if he’s stupid and mocks him when he has fears about Duncan. I was surprised by Macbeth’s thoughts about killing Duncan I didn’t think he would do something so great, and I think that something is going to come back around to get him if he goes through with it. I think that he should just wait for his turn to be king. Lady Macbeth offers Macbeth a plan to kill Duncan, and he accepts. ____________________________________________________________

After all the series of events that happened in Act 1 I started becoming interested in the play. It got very exciting, and I actually wanted to read! My prediction is that Macbeth is going to do anything it takes to be King throughout the play, and that is going to get him into a lot of trouble, more than he bargained for. I’m hoping that he see’s there is more to life than being the King and I hope he doesn’t kill Duncan.

Act 2
In act 2, I think that Banquo’s knowledge of what the witches told Macbeth could hurt Macbeths plot to become king. Macbeth acts like he hardly ever thinks about what the witches say around Banquo and I think he is smart for not saying everything he is plotting and thinking. But when Macbeth asks to discuss what they have said, it makes me think that he may have some sort of plot in mind. When Fleance, Bonquo’s son appears it is like a reminder of the witches’ prediction, which was that Bonquos kids will sit on the throne of Scotland. If Macbeth ends up succeeding in the killing of Duncan then he will be more driven to violence which will put Fleonce in huge danger. After he kills Duncan I think that he is probably going to start feeling nervous and like all eyes are on him. After the murder when he says his hands can’t be clean is what I think is right. You shouldn’t be able to just wash the blood off and everything be all dandy. There’s always going to be that thought in the back of your head... At this point in the play I don’t see how Macbeth doesn’t feel the most guilt. But once Duncan’s body is discovered it seems like something’s totally changed with Macbeth. He now has his eye set on the prize; to get control of the Nobles and become King of Scotland. I find it a little weird how Shakespeare doesn’t show us when Macbeth kills Duncan just as he doesn’t show us when Macbeth is made into King. Around Act 2, Scene 3 I think the other characters begin to become a little suspicious. When Malcolm was talking to his father about the killer Lennox replied “Those of his chamber, as it seemed, had done’t” (2:3) Also, when Macduff asked Macbeth why he killed the chamberlains and later he talked to Ross and the old man about his suspicions. (2:4) After all these events involving Macduff sort of coming on to Macbeth I get a feeling that these too will be enemies. Overall, I think that the conversation between Ross and the old man kind of tells the reader some weird and unnatural occurrences, for example the weird weather and weird behavior in animals. I think this just sets a tone for what’s going to happen next, with spooky weird...
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