Macbeth Is a Tragic Hero

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Tragic Hero

In William Shakespeare Macbeth, Macbeth encounters three strange women who prophesizes that Macbeth will be king of Scotland. Together he and his wife kills the King, then is elected King. Macduff and Malcolm begin to lead and army against Macbeth. Macduff triumphs; Malcolm is crown king, where he declares peace at last. In this play he proves himself to be a tragic hero, imperfect basically good human who suffers from one tragic flaw, ambition, later realizing his error and universal role in the scheme of things. Firstly, Every tragic hero is basically a good human, imperfect (Aristotle). As Macbeth said: This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good. If ill, why hath it given me earnest of success, commencing in a truth? I am Thane of Cawdor: If good why do I yield to that suggestion whose horrid image doth unfix my hair and make my seated heart knock at my ribs, against the use of nature(I.iii.130-142)? In this quote from Macbeth, he is trying to understand the witches meaning. Macbeth proves his is a good human by thinking it wrong for the king to be killed against nature itself. But on the other hand he is imperfect for thinking that this cannot be bad for if it comes true then he will be king. This makes him a good, imperfect, human being for he is trying to decide what is right and wrong. Star, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires(1.iv.50-51). This is another example of how Macbeth recognizes the wrong he foresees himself doing, and is already ashamed. Yet proving his is an imperfect, basically good person. Secondly, Macbeth proves himself to fall into suffering because of his own tragic flaw, Ambition. Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my grip, thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, no son of mine succeeding. Put rancors in the vessel of my peace only for them, and mine eternal jewel given to the common enemy of man, to make them kings, the seeds of Banquo...
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