Macbeth Guilts

Topics: Macbeth, Roman Polanski, Duncan I of Scotland Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: February 10, 2013
As Macbeth enters the banquet hall (Macbeth in the movie by Roman Polanski enters the room talking to everyone happily; it zooms out to show the Lords and Lady Macbeth’s reaction to Macbeth’s toast). At this point we can tell that he cares about social status since he tells the Lords that they should sit in their own “degrees”. He feels powerful and more superior to the other Lords. Macbeth feels no remorse and guilt for having killed his friend, Banquo. On the other hand, he is more unstable and worried as the murderer articulates, “Fleance is scaped”. He is scared that the prophecy of the witches will come true. Polanski internalises Macbeth’s fears by using a voice over. This keeps the characters, the murderer and the torch bearer, from knowing his fears. This is called dramatic irony as we can hear Macbeth’s thoughts however the bearer and the murderer are shown to be scared as they share looks with each other as they believe that Macbeth is thinking of how he can punish the murderer. The strong harsh language that is used by Macbeth tells us that he is inconsiderate as he refers to Banquo as a “grown serpent”. He is strong and has gained confidence again after being startled of Fleance’s escape. Polanski puts Macbeth in front of the murderer and looking to aside so that he looks bigger and more important than the others. Furthermore, Macbeth is heartless and pretends he knows nothing of Banquo’s absence and evidence for this is: “Were the graced person of our Banquo present,

Who may I rather challenge for unkindness
Than pity for mischance”
Macbeth accuses the others for Banquo’s ghost sitting in Macbeth’s seat. His guilt is ruining the day. Polanski’s Macbeth, was drinking out of a goblet and his fear of seeing Banquo’s ghost is portrayed when this falls on the floor, the diegetic sound created by the fall interrupts the chello music that is there to give the scene an eerie feel. The camera zooms into the goblet to show its importance. Then the camera...
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