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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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AS91101: Formal essay

A main character who undergoes a significant change in a text is Macbeth, a character in Shakespeare’s play. He changes from being known as “noble Macbeth” at the start of the play, to being viewed as a “tyrant” at the end. This is an important change because it shows a once noble man who would do anything for king and country, to becoming corrupt in his ways. All because of his blinded ambition and desire to become the King of Scotland. Techniques that are used to show these changes are the use of asides and soliloquies, stage directions, figurative language and other character’s opinions.

In the beginning of the play Macbeth is seen as a very brave and noble man. This is shown in Act 1 scene 2 when he is praised by the king” O valiant cousin” and the captain “ brave Macbeth”, and is made out to be believed that he is the main reason for Scotland winning the battle. Macbeth is given hyperbolic and lavish praise for his military skills, such as “they were/as cannons overcharged with double cracks”, a simile which compares the speed and efficiency of Macbeths killing; to a cannon firing shots at once. However this all begins to change in Act 1 scene 3, when Macbeth has his first encounter with the three witches. You start to realise that Macbeth seems quite open to new and exciting ventures. You see this when Macbeth and Banquo are talking to the witches and they tell Macbeth his prophecies. Banquo tells us Macbeth jumps” why do you start”, which suggests he already has the ambition to be a King. Although Macbeth knows the witches might be evil, he is seduced by the last prophecy” that shalt be king thereafter”. This shows the audience that Macbeth is already changing, for the fact that he is already thinking of murder.

In Act 1 scene 4, Duncan’s announcement that Malcolm is his heir; shatters Macbeth’s hopes of becoming King. In front of Duncan, Macbeth seems very happy. But to the side he describes Malcolm as” a step/on which I...
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