Macbeth Corruption and Power

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  • Published : July 23, 2008
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The expression “Power corrupts” can illustrate how the more power one achieves, the more corrupt the person may become. Evidence of this is shown in William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” as characters that came in contact with power is shown being corrupted and consumed by greed. Lady Macbeth is a character in this play, and you view how her gained authority and her ambitions took control of her to do wrongful deeds. Corruption is depicted very clearly in the character Macbeth, as his fearful ambitions led to him misusing his wrongly attained authority. The knowledge of future kings corrupted Banquo to not act on his conscience as he believed that Macbeth played foul for his new position. Within the next few paragraphs, the expression will describe how the characters mindset from “Macbeth” was depraved when they each discovered the use of their new strength.

In “Macbeth”, you observe how Lady Macbeth’s newfound authority combined with her ambitions took control of her and committed wrongful deeds. After Lady Macbeth examined the letter about Macbeth and Banquo’s encounter with the witches, she immediately showed signs that she was willing to exchange her femininity for power (I.v. 40-54). It is apparent that Lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is “too full o' the milk of human kindness” (I.v.15). After Duncan’s murder in Act II you can see how her newfound power as Queen of Scotland has corrupt her as she became mad and would sleepwalk, and would eventually lead to her death; according to the dialogue involving the Doctor and Gentlewoman (V.i.1-9)

As you continue to read “Macbeth”, you can see how Macbeth’s newly gained power would lead him to misuse it due to fear. This fear of his would eventually make Macbeth arrogant and would ultimately lead to his demise. In the beginning of Act 1, Scene 7 you can notice that Macbeth still felt loyal to King Duncan and was not fully corrupt(I.vii.13-27), however his wife would be the one who would push Macbeths limits as she...
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