Macbeth Book Review

Topics: Macbeth, James I of England, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Macbeth is the shortest tragedy ever to be written by William Shakespeare. He wrote this play for King James I, who was a largely active supporter of the theatre. The king watched many productions and soon Shakespeare’s company was called ‘The King’s Men’. In honouring the king, Shakespeare used King James’s I history to create characters and pieces of the plot for the play. He named Banqou after an ancestor of the king, who ties into Banqou’s prophecy of his children becoming kings, the ‘child’ in the scenario refers to King James I. Shakespeare used the plot in Macbeth to convey the universal truth that power is corruptive. Throughout the play Macbeth is seen going through the stages of a soldier turning to a murderer. The reason behind the change was Macbeth learning of his prophecy of becoming a king. The idea of him being the most powerful in the land appealed to him in dangerous ways. That hunger for power led him to kill the active King Duncan, who has done much for him, and showed us that when mankind is capable of getting power they will stop at no means to get it. Shakespeare is a very important playwright and a lot of studies and discussions have been put into his plays. Denis Biggins, a professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He states that “In [Lady Macbeth] mood of masculine aggressiveness she sees herself as impregnating Macbeth’s consciousness with her own ruthless ambition for sovereignty.” Prof. Biggins believes that Lady Macbeth questions the masculinity and sexuality of her husband. Scenes from the play make me also believe this. It was Lady Macbeth’s plan that killed King Duncan and when Macbeth kills him and he comes out like a frightened child. Instead of feeling comforting Macbeth about the horrible deed he had done, she berates him for not killing the guards as well and Macbeth sits there in silence still looking like a child. Lady Macbeth is proven to be the man in that house-hold. In general, I thought Macbeth was a good...
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