Macbeth Beach Description

Topics: Sun, Sky, Fog Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The beach is very quiet, only the seagulls peacefully chirp as they sore overhead. The sea is very calm; there is no sound of waves. But there’s a wind whistling through the beach very quietly. The salty air feels wet and cool as it passes by. There’s nothing but the deep blue sea, it’s as far as your eye can see. The sand is slightly wet and cold. A tide stroke on the shore, wrapped away the mark of footprints, leaving some stones it had brought. It’s an early morning; the sun is slowly rising up from the edge of sky and the deep sea. The season cast an orange haze above the horizon, lighting up the sky as if lit by fire, yet the haze was so crisp and clear. The sun, like a large, grandeur orange fireball in the distance was partially cloaked by the hanging clouds, which were all splashed with the random colours of hot pinks and reds. The scarlet sky was spread out across the sky like crimson blood smeared smoothly over a large canvass, as the golden sun slowly sank behind the epic landscape. The clouds floated by in soft cotton like puffs of pink and the sky became darker... With a gentle wind, fog appeared. The beach is disturbingly horrid and repelling. The sea is no longer so quiet, there’re waves crashing against the shore. The seagulls no longer sound so peaceful. You can barely see anything through the thick fog, the sky blends with the rest, and everything is so gray. The light is fading, creating new shadows and dark patches. The wind is now stronger; rattling and soughing is really disturbing. The grey and wet sands have been spotted with the dark copper, and the once prominent smell of sea has been overrun with the metallic tinge of iron. The sea is red, mixed with the blood of all men. As in the slaughterhouse, different bodies are scattered and torn. Blood is everywhere. Red-coloured blood came sputtering out of them like a waterfall, making a pool around their lifeless bodies. The smell of blood and fear clung in the musty air. The smell of...
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