Macbeth Appearance vs Reality

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Appearance vs reality is a really famous theme in the Shakespeare’s plays. In Macbeth those who create or fall for appearance vs reality are punished, and those who do not fall for it are successful. This is shown through Duncan and Macbeth who fell for appearance vs reality and died for it and Malcolm who did not fall for it and succeeds.

In Shakespearean tragedies appareance vs reality always lead to the downfall of a character. In Act 1 scene 6 Shakespeare shows that Duncan thinks Macbeth is his friend and that everithing is normal when in reality Macbeth wants to kill him. “Thins castle is on a pleasant site. The air comes forth lightly and sweetly to soothe our senses” (Shakespeare 55). This quote shows that Duncan is falling for appearance vs realliy because he shows how confident he is in Macbeth’s castle without knowing what Macbeth is up to. Therefore, he is destroied by appearance vs reality because he trusted Macbeth who was trying to kill him.

Macbeth besides creating appereance vs reality, also falls for it. In act 5 scene 8 Shakespearean shows that Macbeth finally realized he was being used by the witches. “May the tongue that tells me so be coursed, for it has daunted my manly spirit! And let no one else belived those cheating devils who trick with us with their double minings, standing by the letter of their promises, but breaking our hopes with them. I won’t fight with you.” This quote shows that Macbeth fell for appearance vs reality because he sees how the prophesies came true in a different way they appeared to be. Therefore, he is killed by Macduff for creating and falling for appearance vs reality.

Those who do not fall for appearance vs reality will be successful, in act 2 Shakespeare shows how Malcolm and Donalbain do not fall for appearance vs reality wich eventually will lead them to their victory over Macbeth. “I’ll go to Ireland. By going our separate ways we’ll both be safer. Wherever we are, men’s...
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