Macbeth and Richard Nixon

Topics: Macbeth, Richard Nixon, Watergate complex Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: January 20, 2011
The tragic hero is an exceptional being capable of greatness. He often sets himself up as equal to superior to the cosmic powers, or at least he seems himself as an extraordinary man. This hero has a flaw. The hero falls from a high place of stature and pride. The tragic hero is in some way responsible for their fall and ultimately realizes their flaw too late before they are punished. Macbeth and Richard M. Nixon are tragic hero’s for these reasons. Macbeth is a tragic hero because he is capable of greatness he was born into a wealth family. Macbeth is the thane of Glamis and is a good general. King Duncan rewarded him for be so loyal to Scotland and for being brave in the battle against Norway and gave him the title thane of Cawdor. Richard Nixon is also tragic hero in some ways he is different from Macbeth and in other ways, he is the same as Macbeth. Richard Nixon unlike Macbeth was not born in to a wealthy family Richard Nixon is the son of a grocer, he was born on 9th January 1913. His father owned a small lemon farm in Yorba Linda, California. A good student, Nixon graduated from Whittier College in 1934. Macbeth has a weakness his ambition the witches and his wife Lady Macbeth control him by exploiting his ambition to be king. Macbeth has ambition to be king but at the same time, they brought his ambition to be king out his more. Lady Macbeth uses his ambition to get him to kill King Duncan. Similar to Macbeth Nixon’s weakness is his ambition to be president. Nixon’s ambition is the reason why he did all the things he did o become and to stay president such as cover ups ,phone taps. The three witches told Macbeth that he would be thane of Glamis, of Cawdor and he would be king. When two of the three predictions came, true Macbeth wanted to be king more. Lady Macbeth convinced Macbeth to kill King Duncan because he wanted the third prediction to come true. Macbeth killed King Duncan and became king. Macbeth became paranoid of someone taking the throne...
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