Macbeth Act Ii Questions

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Macbeth Act II Questions
Scene i
1.When Banquo remarks that the night is especially dark, the nature reflects the characters affairs and emotions. The scene between Banquo and Macbeth has a dark atmosphere that gives off a threatening feeling. While Banquo is talking to Macbeth, Macbeth has already made up his mind about killing king Duncan and is very close to his chamber; this creates the restless and gloomy atmosphere which reflects what is going through Macbeth’s mind. Also, when Banquo motions the three witches and their prophecy, it seems that he is testing Macbeth to see his reaction or response; it could be interpreted that Banquo was in fact, suspicious of Macbeth and might have even known of his evil plans and is warning him, but also saying that his loyalty lies with him regardless. Their conversation creates a dark and suspicious atmosphere and foreshadows Macbeth’s evil plans.

2.Banquo seems to be suspicious of Macbeth because at first he told Fleance that something is bothering him and occupying his thoughts which prevents him from sleeping, he draws his sword when Macbeth and his servant enter which implies that he is highly alarmed and does not feel safe in Macbeth’s castle for some reason; Banquo also mentions the wierd sisters and brings up the subject of their prophecy coming true which could be because he was trying to test Macbeth and see how he would react and lastly, Banquo said that his loyalty lies with Macbeth regardless of the situation which could mean that he knows what Macbeth is going to do and is assuring him of his loyalty and passive assistance.

3.When Macbeth says “Present fears are less than horrible imaginings” it is clear to the readers that Macbeth is fully aware of where his evil deeds will lead him to; he knows that by killing Duncan, there would be no happy ending for him as well. Macbeth is being driven to insanity and is sure that this crime would lead him to eternal damnation; he reflects on his...
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