Macbeth - Act 4 Revision

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Macbeth – Act 4 Revision
Task 2: Write a paragraph on each scene from Act 4 about how the characters and events relate to Macbeth. Your response should show how each scene exposes something significant about Macbeth’s character.

Scene 1 shows Macbeth visiting the witches a second time. By him returning to see them, it shows that he is in some ways powerless as he relies on the witches for information. When Macbeth asks them what they are doing, the witches reply: “A deed without a name.” Their response shows that they have no fear or respect for him, even though he is king as they do not answer his question in much detail. He shows in some way submission towards the witches as he looks to them for answers and guidance about his decision making, since they predicted his ascendance to the throne in the first place. When Macbeth sees the apparitions, out of fright he asks questions about the visions but the witches without apprehension tell him: “Listen, but speak not to’t.” So in this scene, the witches had some sort of authority over Macbeth.

Scene 2, Macbeth has assigned murderers to kill Macduff’s family as an action of revenge towards Macduff for betraying him as king. This reveals Macbeth as a cruel person as he also kills Macduff’s innocent wife and children. This portrays him as ruthless and shows that he is losing his conscience as power and revenge against Macduff takes over him. This also shows Macbeth feeling threatened by Macduff, so out of fear for the loss of his throne, his way to resolve the issue is to kill an innocent family. Macbeth is becoming more prone to violence and to the killing of innocent people. Before killing King Duncan, he felt guilt. Now, he is becoming use to the idea of killing without feeling remorse just to protect his throne.

Scene 3, Macduff has come to beg Malcolm to defend his throne and go against Macbeth. We learn in this scene that Macbeth has repeatedly offered Malcolm women, money...
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