Macbeth 2006 - Film Analysis

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Film Analysis - Macbeth (2006)

For my film analysis, I was fortunate that there many different adaptations of the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Most of them are set in the period of the play, like Roman Polanski’s 2002 version, which I also viewed and found to be disappointing at best. The only good thing was the realism of the sword fighting. Realistically clumsy in their armor, which was amusing, but other than that, dull, dull, dull. Instead, I opted to view and analyze the more modern version from 2006. The 2006 version of Macbeth was adapted by Geoffrey Wright and Victoria Hill, produced by the same team and also directed by Geoffrey Wright. Victoria Hill also happens to play the role of Lady Macbeth. The first interesting choice that the director makes is the setting. This version of Macbeth is set in the underground drug world of modern day Melbourne, Australia. The hierarchy of a royal kingdom is represented with the hierarchy of a drug lord’s operation with Duncan at the head of “the family”. The entire film has an almost “Miami Vice” feel to it. Drugs, cars, guns and violence draped over the timeless tale of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

From the opening scene, the director of this modern day Macbeth makes some interesting choices. The weird sisters are the first characters we see in a graveyard running around defacing the headstones and sculptures, but they are represented by three sexy school girls. By making a creative choice to structure the adaptation so that no one else ever sees the weird sisters, the director creates the question of whether the weird sisters are supernatural entities or figments of Macbeth’s imagination, it is left unclear and open to interpretation. The ambiguity of the existence of the weird sisters allows for the possibility that Macbeth is more than just greedy. Is he crazy? Is he high? Is he just losing it like his wife? In that same first scene in the graveyard, we see glimpses of Lady Macbeth mourning at the grave...
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