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Macbeth Assignment Questions

Luke Bent HG:11:82 4/8/08

(Q.1) The witches predict that Macbeth will be the future king. As for Banquo, they predict that he will not be a king, but father a son who will be king one day.

(Q.2) Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill King Duncan. Macbeth gives her 8 reasons why he should not kill King Duncan. Macbeth is King Duncan’s kinsman as well as his subject which makes him very reluctant to carry out such a deed. Lady Macbeth vaguely taunts him and eventually convinces Macbeth to build up enough confidence to do it. Macbeth compliments Lady Macbeth by saying “bring forth men-children only for undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males”.

This I find to be a compliment, although rather sexist, it implies that Lady Macbeth has the courage of a young man. My understanding is that Macbeth finds his wife to be a rather courageous lady and would be honoured for her to have his male children.

(Q.3) The character “the Porter” explains to Macbeth that alcohol brings on certain things. He says “marry, sir, Nose painting, sleep and urine. Lechery sir, It provokes and unprevokes; it provoked the desire.” The drunken Porter’s quote concludes that the effects of drinking in excess can take away performance, from which I concluded that if you drink too much it can elude sexual activities.

(Q 4) The quotation asked to find in question 4 is,

“Whence is that knocking?
How is't with me, when every noise appals me?
What hands are here? ha! they pluck out mine eyes.
Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas in incarnadine,
Making the green one red.”

(Q 5) The fear of Macbeth is that Banquo’s children will end up with the throne. He doesn’t want this to happen at all.

(Q 6) I am a thane of the west. This is a wonderful feast for my lord...
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