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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Jaqualla Kazee
Beowolf Essay 7/8

Supernatural Elements
What does being supernatural mean to you? Most people believe in supernatural and others don’t. In the story Beowolf by Burton Raffel it shows that supernatural display a huge role in the story. If it wasn’t for destiny and glory, monsters, Beowulf’s superhuman ways, and the evilness it wouldn’t be a belief in supernatural elements by the Anglo – Saxons. Faith is something that you belief or known as fate and destiny is an irresistible power. Beowolf was only king by fate and what the people saw in him. Beowolf basically got to make his own decisions whether or not if he wanted to do something. An example of destiny is when Beowolf was in his battles to fight and wasn’t backing down nor was he scared. In the story there ways so many displays in actions that shows different things. Grendal was very huge and scary most people wouldn’t even want to say anything to him. He really represented evil because he would only appeared at night and disappeared during the day. The dragon that was helping Beowolf by fighting people off of him and killing them had also set a great example of evil. Grendal has tough skin that a sword can’t get through only came out at night. Beowolf had fought the sea monsters and killed nine of them. Grendal mother also represent evil as she was a sea monster which also takes a part in evil. Beowolf had killed about nine sea monsters and was not undetermined about killing more. Beowolf represent supernatural and has many different ways in showing them. First, no human stay in the water for seven days straight swimming with nothing to eat battling sea monsters. Secondly is when Beowolf was fighting Grendal’s mother and killed her. Then he turned around and fought Grendal and Grendal wasn’t a light charcter he was huge. But with no fear and feelings at all he went through it. As he showed how tough he was and how good his fearless heart works made a good example of...
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