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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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commencement speech|
Assignment 2
Name: Rymonda WasfiID:121041DR:ISLAM|

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commencement speech
could anyone say negative points in a commencement speech in a graduation party ?no one would ever expect from a commencement speaker at a college graduation to say something negative and in that time this will mean that the collage spoil the students and no one could imagine this because all the students have been waiting for this day for long time . some professors differ in the way they see the students and the entire education system some are totally proud and some are ashamed . some professors claim that they are imaginative , great thinker and enthusiasm but others think that students are boring and unimaginative , they also have non-sense of thinking . some scholars believe that students are more imaginative than professors but I believe that students are dull and boring .

some scholars claim the students are imaginative , great thinkers and independent as the students has the chance to choose what to take and what to drop . Steven jobs stated that he started to drop the non interesting courses and if he had not dropped out he would not have taken a calligraphy class that helped him in designing the Macintosh .Steven jobs also said" you can collect the dots forward but not backward " which means that you may be taking subjects that you felt that it is useless but after your settlement in your work you may use it later on . (jobs, 2005).

the students are trouble maker and they sometime drove the professors mad; as the student sometimes makes the lectures a mess, for instances sometimes the professor enter the class and find the students making a lot of nosy then when the prof. asked them to sit down and stop making nosy ,they sit-down in group ''sets' 'and start to laugh at the prof. on his personal appearance or hi pronunciation; waiting for mistake to start upon it their conversation to...
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